Basketball and “Eagles on Foot” raise over $5k for Haiti

By August 23, 2010Service Learning Projects

Since 2007, St. Edward’s High School has fostered a partnership with Haiti’s Basil Moreau School, located 10 miles west of Port au Prince. Faculty and students at St. Edward’s High School were devastated at the news that the Basil Moreau school building was leveled during the catastrophic earthquake.

The students of St. Edward’s have already raised more than $10,000 to help their poverty-stricken sister school. More than $5,000 was raised in one night alone during a St. Eds/St. Ignatius basketball game.  Other fundraising efforts include “Eagles on Foot” an annual 5k race.

The school will continue to fund-raise money for Basil Moreau’s efforts to rebuild the high school building at Basil Moreau.

Visit the St. Edward’s High School website to learn more about the long standing partnership and relief efforts.