Schools in Florida enroll displaced Haitian children

By August 20, 2010Service Learning Projects

Efforts to help the people of Haiti were underway in Florida shortly after news of the devastation began to spread. Officials in Collier and Lee County Schools Districts quickly announced they were prepared to take in students displaced from the island into their classrooms.

Schools across both districts launched a number of creative fund raising projects to bring aid and relief to Haiti ranging from food and clothing drives to car washes and brownie sales. 

Bonita Springs Elementary School donated new children’s pajamas and food items to Hope for Haiti; Bonita Springs Middle School raised $2,856 from a car wash and cash drive and continues to collect clothes and bedding.

The students and teachers at Calusa Park Elementary School raised $2,986 for Hope for Haiti and the Gulf Coast High School collected $2,200 to add to the Hope for Haiti efforts.

Golden Gate High School rallied the community to “Walk for Haiti,” collecting $1,000 for the American Red Cross as well as a car wash and medical supply connection. The innovative funding efforts came straight from the kitchen in the Culinary Department at Palmetto Ridge High School where students baked and sold brownies with proceeds benefiting Help for Haiti.

At Spring Creek Elementary School, the students raised $1,724 through a cash drive called “Paws for the Cause.” For a $1 donation, students, parents and staff got their names on paper panther paw cut-outs on the cafeteria wall.

An article on the provides additional details on the Collier and Lee County School Districts’ relief efforts.