Partner Schools Program

Build Bridges between Haiti and Schools Around the World

Our Work With Partner Schools

The goal with our partner schools is to build sustainable relationships and to make a meaningful contribution to Haiti’s children and educators. To meet these efforts, the Foundation works with schools across Haiti in three core ways.

Contact our foundation team at to learn more about our Partner School Program.

Haitian Curriculum

The Foundation provides the Haitian National Curriculum online as it is largely unavailable to many teachers. This rich resource has been used by schools across Haiti. Additionally, we are collaborating with teachers in the U.S. to build a library of French language professional development materials for teachers who want to further their professional growth.

Teacher PD

In 2016, we hosted our first two-day Teacher Academy in Port-au-Prince with teachers from 10 schools across the region. The program included classroom strategies and resources to enhance student learning. The professional development workshops were delivered in Creole and French. This work will continue in winter 2017. Please consider supporting this important effort through our Celebrate & Donate to Teachers in Haiti event.

Literacy & Resources

To support literacy and provide resources to schools and students in Haiti, we run our 1,000 Books to Haiti Program, which is entering its fourth year. Over 3,000 children at 10 schools across Haiti have received French Language children’s books to support literacy and delight in the joy of reading.

What can my school do?

Encourage service learning and global awareness with a focus on Haiti:

  • Donate to support Professional Development for Teachers in Haiti.
  • Participate in the Foundation’s “1000 Books to Haiti” campaign and coordinate a book drive at your school.
  • Create and share a video of teaching tips with your teacher teams who speak French, and support professional development for teachers in Haiti.

While the foundation is focused on our work with teachers and students, we know that many individuals want to help with the broader relief efforts to support recovery from Hurricane Matthew.  If you would like to do so, we recommend the following organizations that we know are making a difference on the ground: