Learning writing through giving at Massapequa HS

By October 12, 2010Service Learning Projects

Nothing solidifies learning more than an authentic experience.

Massapequa High School has adopted the Books of Hope program as a Service Learning project to bring together academic disciplines with the spririt of community service.

Books of Hope is a service learning program that matches US schools to “sister” schools abroad and in need. The US based schools then create books (write, illustrate and bind) to help meet the student’s educational needs of their sister schools.  Students are also encouraged to collect donations of money and supplies to share with their sister schools.

The Massapequa High School students in Long Island, NY worked on their books for the SL Alcysus School in Mbotota District, Uganda for about three months.

The project incorporated various modes of art as well as writing, editing, and production skills.

Vickie, a teacher from Massapequa High School wrote the following in a letter to her sister teacher, “We sincerely enjoyed working on this project and hope that you find our stories interesting. We were deeply moved by the stories and photographs of Uganda that we recently received from [you]. We feel privileged to have been a part of this wonderful program.”

This is the type of learning that students will carry with them throughout their lives.

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  • Hundreds of school districts require elementary middle and high schools to build community service into the curriculum. Although Maryland is the only state that mandates service a growing number including California Florida Minnesota New Jersey Oregon South Carolina and Wisconsin actively encourage it…An estimated 10.6 million students volunteered through their schools in 2004 according to the Corporation for National and Community Service — up from 6.1 million in 1997 and just less than 1 million in 1984.