Lake Oswego High School Launches Haiti Effort

Monday, April 30th marked the kick-off of Lake Oswego High School’s Sister School Partnership with the Nos Petits Frères et SoeursFather Wasson Angels of Light (FWAL) Program in Haiti.  With impressive attendance and an almost full auditorium, the event was a wonderful reflection of the global citizenship and responsibility these students represent.  The Rubicon Educational Foundation served as a conduit for the students at Lake Oswego High School to connect with children of Haiti through its Sister School Partnership program with Father Wasson Angels of Light.

Immediately following the earthquake of January 12, 2010, the Friends of the Orphans team, the US fundraising arm of Nos Petits Frères et Soeurs, began developing the Father Wasson Angels of Light (FWAL) Program for orphaned children, vulnerable and displaced in the tent cities of Port-au-Prince. Everyday this program provides over 800 children with fun activities in a safe environment, along with two nutritious meals.

Sister School Partnership Kick Off

The presentation on Monday provided details of the amazing work being accomplished by FWAL and the changes since the 2010 earthquake.  Many of the children in the program lost their families in the earthquake but now have a new place to live where they find love and care in addition to square meals and education.

The rubble has been cleared and sturdy dormitories, safe classrooms and a play area has been built.  While amazing strides have been made, the FWAL Program needs continued assistance and the students of Lake Oswego High School are answering the call of responsible citizenship.

Students organized the Monday presentation for an enthusiastic audience of their peers and parents.  Attendees expressed interest after the presentation with very thoughtful questions surrouding the future of the children in Haiti, and a developing interest in on-site Service Learning opportunities.

Lake Oswego High School students plan fund-raising efforts to help provide food for the children.