Foundation expanding participation of schools in Haiti due to school interest in Sister School Program

By September 8, 2011Our Efforts: Haiti Project

September marks the one year anniversary of The Rubicon Education Foundation’s trip to Haiti and the birth of the Sister School Partnership Program.  Five associates departed on a fact-finding mission to collect information, establish contacts, and build partnerships with Haitian schools. Based on the travelling team’s findings, the Foundation identified several schools for the initial implementation of the Sister School Partnership Program.  Following approval from the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, our team sent out an invitation to all of our clients to join our Sister School Partnership Program. 

Knowing that students all over the world benefit from Service Learning, and that more and more schools are engaging in Service Learning activities each year, our team was optimistic about the feedback we would receive regarding our invitation to become a Sister School Partner.  It was with bated breath that we started receiving what turned out to be an overwhelming response in support of the Foundation’s efforts.  We are pleased and excited to share with you some of the positive responses we have received:

  • Sometimes opportunities arise, which connect us and help us realize how close we all are…I would be glad to partner with Rubicon’s Educational Foundation…
  • Our students, teachers, and parents will be delighted to be a part of this initiative and to support it in any way we can.
  • I am thrilled to hear from you! What a noble and wonderful project and initiative.
  • I am delighted with Rubicon’s work in Haiti and its partnership with schools there. My heart is captured by our brothers and sisters in Haiti. I will be most interested in your partnership program, those of us with Haiti connections learn together!
  • We are truly excited about this opportunity, and have already started working on providing our students with background information on Haiti, their economic situation, earthquakes in general, and the effects of this particular earthquake on the population of the island. We are thankful for the opportunity to make a difference for students in Haiti (through the help we can provide) and for our students (through personal connections that will make them more aware of the global responsibility we all share).
  • I would like to congratulate for the initiative to start a program like this. We wish to be able to join this project and do whatever is necessary to help those who need us in Haiti.  Count on us, please!!
  • This initiative looks really exciting and one that I know our students would very much like taking an active part in. What a wonderful partnership you are creating!
  • We are starting a special enrichment class in our middle school this year.  Our main focus will be on service learning and developing a broader sense of community.  Working with your group and the TeacHaiti School would be a privilege and an Honor.

To date, we have heard from dozens of schools asking for more information or expressing interest in joining our Sister School Partnership Program.  With such an influx of interest and support, our travelling team is in contact with the schools in Haiti, who have expressed interest in participating in the program, to match them with schools that are interested in helping.

The Rubicon Education Foundation is working to provide each interested school with their Haitian Sister School details very soon.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your interest. Stay tuned for more updates and Sister School Partnership stories!