First Video Postcard from the Children at TeachHaiti

By February 3, 2011Service Learning Projects

While in Haiti, representatives for the Rubicon Educational Foundation participated in the opening day ceremonies for TeacHaiti School of Hope.  TeacHaiti is a non-profit organization supporting education scholarships and operates TeacHaiti School of Hope, currently for students in grades 1-4.

The vision, determination, and professionalism of TeacHaiti’s founder, Miquette, inspired the Rubicon Team to add them to their list of potential initiatives to support in Haiti.  As a way to remain in communication with Miquette and the children of Haiti, the Rubicon Foundation provided a flipvideo, on which the following clip was recorded.

After a bit of technical trouble receiving the video files from Haiti, we are happy to finally share the first video from Miquette and her students, singing Christmas carols!

Read our traveling team’s blog from Day 8 to learn more about their experience attending the Opening Day ceremony at the TeacHaiti school.