Day 8 in Haiti – Tuyen Phan

By October 5, 2010Our Efforts: Haiti Project

We were invited to attend the TeacHaiti’s school opening ceremony today.  

Driving to the school prior to 8 o’clock we saw little Haitian children in their school t-shirts with shoulder bags hanging on their shoulders, anxiously walking to school with their hand holding tight onto their parents.  

Looking at these beautiful and innocent kids I could only take long pauses, trying to go through their minds, wanting to know what was going on.  

I could only guess that they were eager to find out what school was about for the first time. 

"Toilette Training"

After the ceremony the children were touring the classrooms and spending time in a restroom (yes it took place in a restroom) for a lesson on how to use the toilette, the sink, and flushing the water. 

Imagine these 6-10 years old children have never seen a toilette before.  Kids were having a great time playing with the toilette and flushing water.

Miquette Denie, Founder of TeacHaiti

TeacHaiti is a non profit organization founded by Miquette Denie, who I mentioned in my last blog.  She is an inspirational personality.  

The school is funded by donations from 250 different sponsors who are mostly from overseas.  TeacHaiti is a Grade 1-4 school with approximately 40 kids with capacity of 75 kids, and they provide kids a hot meal/day. 

One hot meal/day for children is the primary motivation for parents to send their kids to school.

On the way back to the Guest House, I was sitting in the back seat thinking about those cute innocent kids.  I was very happy for them, knowing that there are million other Haitian kids who probably have never owned a pencil or even seen a book in their entire life. 
I trust there will be a better future for Haitian children since there exists generous people like you.

My camera was pointing to a 7 years old boy in a bright red t-shirt, his eyes wide open, looking straight at my lens for a long time. Then he broke out the brightest smile I’ve seen since my first day in Haiti.  I showed him the picture and his smile went even bigger and brighter as his future will be as bright in years to come.

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  • Giselle Kerth says:

    Thank you for sharing this post and the beautiful little boy’s picture. My heart is overwhelmed with sadness for the children. My hope and desire to impact and contribute to the lives of children in these situations is strengthened by the work you are all doing and sharing with us back home.

  • Leer says:

    sometimes we don’t start to appreciate and treasure until we lost it forever, really hope kids here in the US can realize how lucky they are.

    i really enjoy reading your posts, very inspiring. keep up the good work, jackie chan 🙂

  • Hui says:

    Great write-up, TP. Thanks for taking us to the moment and helping us feel what you feel. Keep up with the good work and take care!

  • Brock says:

    I feel like this really captured the moment. Great post! I am still reeling from this visit to TeacHaiti as well – and I’m thankful to be sharing this entire experience with such a great guy.

  • Kerry says:

    Inspiring post, tP! Reminds me of the quote:

    All the statistics in the world can’t measure the warmth of a smile. ~Chris Hart