Day 2 in Haiti – William Riordan

By September 30, 2010Our Efforts: Haiti Project

Day 2 was really the first true exposure to Prince-au-Prince.  Poor could sum it up.  Hearing from the driver and other people, makes any real advances sound pretty hopeless.  Recovery seems slow if at all.  Rubble everywhere, along with trucks and machinery.  And no lack of workforce.  I realize even in the US we left people in New Orleans without supplies for a week, but it’s been months.

I would say the meeting at Unesco, with Unicef and the other organizations, was informative for me from a different view.  Yves, the architect building the permanent schools in remote villages, made a point of the problems not unique to Haiti but not being addressed.  Not understanding the majority of the meeting was difficult but a woman next to me, Laura from “Tearfund,” wrote me a few notes and gave me the general info.

Going  from the meeting and lunch at the hotel, where there was a Microfinance convention, to driving through the city and walking through the tent city in a former soccer field was almost hard to believe.
It was good to hear the driver tell about working hard to pay for his kids education even though he had no faith in the current government or the coming election.