Celebrating World Food Day Through Service Learning

By October 14, 2011Service Learning Projects

“I believe the world is beautiful and that poetry, like bread, is for everyone.” -Martin Espoda

We came across the quote above when researching World Food Day, celebrated each year on 16 October – one of the key objectives is heightening public awareness of hunger in the world.

We encourage educators all over the world to celebrate World Food Day in the classroom with service learning activities and resources from the World Food Programme developed by educators.

The lesson plans and classroom activities cover all grades and subject areas, with themes ranging from “What to do about Malnutrition” to “The Millennium Development Goals.” One of our favorite resources is a newer version of the French folktale Stone Soup, that was commissioned by Unilever to mark World Food Day in 2008.  This resource, among others, can be found on the World Food Programme website for students and teachers.

The tale is an engaging way to bring World Food Day into the classroom through story for all ages with the inspiring and universal message: “When we each give a little, we can achieve a lot.”